Florida Bicycle Wrongful Death Lawyer

We are Florida bicycle wrongful death attorneys. We understand your loss and anger at such a preventable tragedy.

We are Florida bicycle wrongful death attorneys. We understand your loss and anger at such a preventable tragedy.

As Florida wrongful death bike lawyers, we care about Florida cyclists. 

Florida bicycle wrongful death fatalities are sadly on the rise. In 2012, 120 bicycle riders were killed in Florida bike accidents. This is more than all the bike crash fatalities in the entire country of England (and England has triple Florida's population and a much higher bike riding demographic). As Florida bike accident lawyers, we try to stay up on the alarming number of bike crash fatalities in our state. Florida's cyclist wrongful death rate is three times the U.S. average. Florida ranks 1st in number of wrongful death bicycle fatalities in the country. A recent Orlando Sentinel article proclaims Florida leads the nation in bike deaths. In 2008, Florida had 125 bicycle wrongful deaths. In comparison, California only had 109 bike fatalities, and California has double the population of Florida. According to a 2014 Dangerous by Design study, four of the most dangerous cycling cities in America are Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Orlando

So why are there so many Florida bicycle accident wrongful deaths?

Among the challenges Florida faces in making bicycling safer, Bustos said: A significant portion of drivers in the state are elderly residents or visiting from out of state; a high percentage of the state’s roads were built with little thought for walkers or cyclists; and motorists don’t share the road here as well as drivers in other states.
— Florida Still Deadliest State for Cyclists. Orlando Sentinel 8/11/2012

Florida bicycle wrongful death fatalities are so high because Florida was designed for cars, not pedestrians and bike riders. Florida developed in the 1970s which was the golden era of the automobile. As a result, Florida roads are not bike friendly. Specifically, Florida is a hotbed for bike deaths because its road lanes are too wide, Florida has subpar bicycle lanes with no dividers separating cars from bikes, and Florida sidewalks are too narrow for bicycle traffic. Florida's lawmakers are trying to remedy the problem in Tallahassee, but unfortunately, redeveloping Florida's streets and sidewalks would cost billions and is an unachievable goal.

Florida Wrongful Death Bike Accident Lawyer

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