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We are Gainesville bicycle accident injury lawyers, ready and willing to help you with your claim.

We are Gainesville bicycle accident injury lawyers, ready and willing to help you with your claim.

Gainesville Bicycle Accident Law

Gainesville is a medium sized city in North Central Florida. Located in Alachua County, Gainesville has a population of 120,000 and is home to the University of Florida. As a graduate of UF for both undergrad and law school, I personally believe that the University of Florida is the finest educational institution in the country. I spent the better part of a decade obtaining my bachelors and law degree in Gainesville. I think of Alachua County as a home away from home. Since obtaining my Florida law license, I have handled numerous injury cases in Gainesville over the years. As a cyclist, I know the frustrations bicycle riders face in battling traffic. Especially in the Gainesville area, which experiences heavy congestion. If you were injured in an Alachua County bicycle crash, speak with me, a Gainesville bicycle accident lawyer, at 561.316.7207, or fill out the Gainesville bike accident case contact form below.

Gainesville Bicycle Crash Attorney: Why Us?

We want to be your Gainesville bicycle crash lawyers. Here are some reasons why we feel we are the right attorneys to help you.

  • Experience. I have successfully litigated multiple Gainesville injury cases in the Alachua County Circuit Court.
  • Double Gator. I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. When it came time to decide where to go for law school, it was an easy decision. I remained in Gainesville and obtained my law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. I think of Gainesville as a second home and I usually travel to the area frequently throughout the year for depositions.
  • Past success. I have handled a variety of bicycle injury cases, ranging from small soft tissue back pain cases all the way to permanent brain injury bicycle crash cases. I have received offers of settlement in the millions of dollars in specific bike crash lawsuits.
  • Professional achievement. I have received multiple professional recognitions for my hard work on behalf of my clients. These awards include induction into the Million Dollar Advocates forum, being named a 'Top 40 Under 40' Florida injury lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers, being published as a 'Legal Elite' and 'Top Lawyer' by Florida Trend Magazine, being named a 'Rising Star' by Super Lawyers Magazine, as well as achieving a 10 out 10 rating
  • Cycling passion. When I am not litigating cases, I enjoy bicycling on the weekends. As a former Gainesville resident, I regularly cycled around Alachua County.

University of Florida Bike Accident Attorney

I am proud to be a double graduate of the University of Florida. Being a University of Florida bicycle accident lawyer allows me to help you with your potential case.

I am proud to be a double graduate of the University of Florida. Being a University of Florida bicycle accident lawyer allows me to help you with your potential case.

The University of Florida (UF) is the largest employer in Gainesville. UF is the 8th largest university in America with almost 50,000 students. Gainesville's UF is a bike-friendly campus, complete with dedicated bike paths and bike lanes on Gainesville's streets. In fact, Gainesville and the University of Florida rank 37th in the country in bike friendly cities. As part of the Sustainable UF movement, the University of Florida is promoting bicycle use in an attempt to decrease car traffic on Gainesville roads. The result is an influx of bicycle riders competing with motorist in Alachua County. As one would expect, sadly, there have been an uptick in University of Florida bicycle accidents due to the increased ridership figures. As a Florida bicycle accident lawyer who has is a two-time graduate from the University of Florida, I am familiar with Gainesville's bike paths and the accidents that can arise on them. I regularly handle Gainesville injury cases in Alachua County. If you have been hurt in a University of Florida bike crash with a car or another bicycle, contact me for a free case consultation. My personal line is 561.316.7207 or fill out the contact form to below.

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Gainesville Bike Accident Lawyer FAQ's

As Gainesville bike accident lawyers, we get asked a lot of questions regarding potential Gainesville bike injury cases. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Alachua County bicycle crashes:

  • I am a student at the University of Florida, but my legal 'home' address is somewhere else. I was injured in a Gainesville bicycle accident while at school. Do I need to file my bicycle accident lawsuit in Gainesville? Or at home?
  • I was involved in a Gainesville bike accident. Afterwards, I went to Shands or North Florida Regional, was checked out, and was discharged that day. Do I need to see doctors and therapists now?  
    • Always follow doctors orders. If you still have pain from your Gainesville bike accident, treat with a doctor. If your doctor orders you to physical therapy, you should complete the prescribed course of therapy. Following doctor's orders will help you in maximizing your Gainesville bicycle injury lawsuit.
  • I was hit on my bicycle by a car that drove away. I did not get the tag number and the police cannot find him. Can I still bring a Gainesville bicycle crash claim?
    • Potentially, yes. If you were hurt by a hit and run driver, you may still have a claim against your uninsured motorist insurance carrier. Your UM insurance carrier is responsible for your damages if you were hurt by someone that cannot be identified. This is a technical legal subject, so speak with a Gainesville bicycle injury attorney about your potential options.
  • How much is my Gainesville bicycle personal injury case worth?
    • You would need a crystal ball in order to answer this questions! Every case is different. A lot of your case value for your Gainesville bike wreck case will be determined by your treatment after the initial injury. For more information on evaluating your potential case, call a Gainesville bike crash lawyer at 561-316-7207.